Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Half Ounce Cosmetics’ Gift Buying Guide

Christmas gift buying can be stressful. Millennials valuing experiences over products and the ever increasing demand for Secret Santa gifts, Teacher Presents, Employee gifts and Stocking Fillers…

Gift Ideas for Women

Lip Balm Gift Set

Everyone loves to receive a gift that’s unexpected, on trend, but crucially bought with them in mind.   You won’t disappoint with our handcrafted lip balms, scented with your recipient’s favourite drink, food or cocktail. 

Popular with both men and women are our Prohibition Co Lip Balms which can be bought individually or in a Gift Tin of the 5 favourites: Prosecco Lip Balm, Gin & Tonic Lip Balm, Mojito Lip Balm, Cosmopolitan Lip Balm and Salted Caramel Lip Balm.

Gift ideas for men

Male cosmetics counters are set to be the next big trend and you can bring that touch of style to your bearded friends and family. Half Ounce Cosmetics have pioneered high quality, organic beard grooming products and kits. From our popular Organic Beard Balm at under £5, to our Gift Sets and top of the range Gold Label edition Beard Tonic (the thickest and most luxurious Organic Beard Oil you’ll find).




 Any man in your life (with a beard) will enjoy keeping their beard feeling smooth and looking sharp with these thoughtful gifts.  For that boyfriend or father without a beard, why not try our Whiskey Lip Repair by the Revered Beard? And yes, men do appreciate a lip balm!



If you're not familiar with Beard products, it may help to watch our short video to understand what each product is for.

Novelty Gifts

If you’re looking for a laugh as the Secret Santa gifts are revealed, embrace the novelty gift - perfect for a prolific poster of unicorn memes.

Try our festive pair of lip balms in Mulled Wine and Christmas Pudding flavours

Or help the beard owner in your life celebrate ring in the new year on trend with #Glitterbeard, our beard glitter kit.