Using Beard Products

Confused by Conditioning Oils? Baffled by Balms? Then read on...


There are 3 common Beard products that you need to be aware of. Below you'll find out what it is, what to look for when shopping for them and how to use them.

  1. Beard Oil 
  2. Beard Balm (also known as Beard Butter or Utility Balm)
  3. Beard/Moustache Wax

All 3 products have been in common use since at least the late 19th Century - and probably even longer!

1. Beard Oil

What is it?

Also referred to as Conditioning Oil or Beard Tonic. This is the first product to turn to when you start growing a beard. Not only does this oil soften the hair but it also nourishes the skin below. The first few weeks of growth can be a hellish experience of rashes and patchy growth! A good beard oil will help irritation and promote healthy growth.

As your beard grows, continued use of a beard oil will keep the hair soft and healthy.

Note: Despite some claims, Beard Oil will never create growth where no hair follicles exist. That being said, all is not lost if your beard is patchy - in fact most  start that way!

What to look for?

The best quality beard oils will contain a high concentration of Jojoba Oil (ours contains over 30%). This unique liquid wax, absorbs into the hair and skin and won't leave a greasy finish.

How to apply

Apply daily after you wash your face.

For shorter beards: pour a small amount in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together so the palms and fingers are thinly coated. Then run your hands and fingers through the beard in the direction of growth.

For Longer beards: You may find it easier to use a Beard brush. Pour a small amount into a dish and use it to coat the bristles of a Boar bristle Beard Brush. Brush the oil through the beard in the direction of growth.

These brushes are like a clothes brush and can be effective for applying oil or just used for combing and keeping the beard neat.

Allow at least 5 minutes for the oil to absorb before applying further products.


2. Beard Balm


What is it?

Also known as Beard Butter or Utility Balm. Beard Balm is like a Beard Oil but in solid form, which adds texture and weight. Used in a similar way to a hair wax or pomade, these are great for creating a slick, tidy beard but may be too heavy for larger beards.

If you want more shape to your beard or bring those unruly hairs into line, this is for you!

What to look for

As with the Beard Oil, the best quality Balms will contain Jojoba oil. There are lots of products on the market and each will have it's own ingredients and consistency so it will come down to individual preference. Of course we recommend 100% natural and organic products such as The Revered Beard!

How to apply

Start with a small quantity scraped out with your finger - you can always add more later.

Rub it between the palms of your hands until it melts. Spread it over the beard, in the direction of growth and shaping the beard as required. Repeat with more product if necessary.


3. Beard and Moustache Wax

What is it?

The most confused product of all; it is stiff, water resistant and unforgiving!

Wax is for strong sculpting of facial hair. Looking for those hipster twists and points? This is what you need.


What to look for

There are 2 common types; Petrolatum based and natural. Both are very similar but if you smoke, applying petrolatum products to your face might be best avoided. We recommend The Revered Beard for it's 100% Natural and Organic ingredients. 

How to apply

Wax is firm so scrape some out with your finger nail (or use a guitar plectrum or the corner of a credit card). Rub between your thumb and forefinger until the wax becomes a soft and coats you thumb and forefinger. Then slide your fingers along the hairs as you create the desired shape, twisting the hairs together as you go. Repeat as required.

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Other Products, Kits and Accessories

Browse our complete product range and you'll also find some indispensable products and accessories!

Our Natural Beard Wash is great for keeping your beard clean without chemicals drying our your beard and face.

Ox Horn combs look great and are naturally anti-static so help preventing shocks and reducing the frizz.

The Boar bristle brush is a must for gents with a larger beard that won't take a comb through it. Also popular as a tool to apply Beard Oil.

Our Wooden Streaker comb is also a great beard comb for those larger beards.

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